Stepping Back to Step Up

337x440-BookSix weeks, ten minutes—balance your life and
strengthen your ministry

Upon answering the call of God to work in ministry and serve the local church, many women find themselves not only thrust into a role of pastoral leadership, but also juggling a myriad of responsibilities between family, church and community. In focusing on commitments to others, too many women in ministry put their own personal needs last on the list.  As Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins has learned from experience, a great leader is set apart by her ability to find balance, strength and stamina to serve God and others while also taking excellent care of herself.

Stepping Back to Step Up offers a solution to this common issue through a daily devotional. These devotionals are to be completed Monday—Friday over a period of six weeks, with a core emphasis on balance and strengthening pastoral leadership. As a result, readers will find themselves challenged to live out their call with renewed strength.

The book offers five key areas, focused on strengthening the visionary leadership of women serving in a local church setting through devotionals and action steps:

  • Monday Balance
  • Tuesday Excellence
  • Wednesday Vision
  • Thursday Strategy
  • Friday Perseverance

It is all too easy to be consumed by the rigorous personal and professional demands that come with ministry: in just six weeks, Stepping Back to Step Up offers a clear path through this challenging, rewarding and enjoyable calling while also offering personal benefits in a well-paced, balanced life in which women clergy take care of themselves as much they do their flock.

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