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The mission of Team Jenkins Ministries is to lead people into a thriving relationship with the Triune God, empower men and women to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ and to see individuals empowered to make impact in our nation and world through the Word of God.

The vision of Team Jenkins Ministries is to educate, equip and empower disciples of Jesus Christ.


The Gospel calls us to make disciples.  Preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is to share the most significant and life changing message that inform you about faith, who you are called to be and challenge you to be a follower of Christ.   We believe in preaching that is bathed in biblical study, prepared through powerful prayer and offers life-changing application.

Without question, when Jesus Christ is lifted up, minds are opened, hearts are healed and souls are revived.


By consulting in areas of leadership development and historic church renewal, we assist congregations in discerning leadership environments and assist senior leaders with tangible steps to take in order to shift leadership environments from toxic to fruitful.  Through a process of assessment, we can assist you in building a foundation for effective action.  Our process consists of clarifying your vision, communicating that vision effectively for buy-in from followers and developing the blueprint to move you from vision to reality.


Women have contributed much to the ministry of the Church throughout its history. However, our role in the Church has never been free from controversy.  This ministry works in various forms (retreats, books, workshops, etc) to empower this next generation of women in ministry to be solid in our preparation and methodical in our execution. It is the responsibility of this generation of women in ministry to ensure that the glass ceiling is indeed broken, and not cracked.

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