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Team Jenkins Ministries, Inc. was birthed out of our desire to impact and empower the people of God to get in the game of life and operate in their divine position.  Here at Team Jenkins Ministries we are “Transforming Lives With God’s Game Plan.”

Called For the Purpose of the Kingdom,

Rev. Cory C. Jenkins & Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins

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Upon answering the call of God to work in ministry and serve the local church, many women find themselves not only thrust into a role of pastoral leadership, but also juggling a myriad of responsibilities between family, church and community.  In focusing on commitments to others, too many women in ministry put their own personal needs last on the list.  As Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins has learned from experience, a great leader is set apart by her ability to find balance, strength and stamina to serve God and others while also taking excellent care of herself.

Stepping Back to Step Up offers a way to take a step back and slow down, balancing your personal needs and your leadership responsibilities. In just ten minutes a day, over a period of six weeks, this book will guide you through five key areas of leadership, ultimately strengthening your contributions while strengthening relationships with yourself, your family, your community and ultimately with the God who has called you and set you apart for significance.

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